Are you interested in starting a professional working relationship with us? Please see below for some exciting opportunities!

Brand Ambassador

Represent NIXLASH as a Brand Ambassador. When you join NIXLASH as a Brand Ambassador, you are becoming a part of a team that will support you throughout your career so that you can achieve your highest potential. For details on how to apply, click below:

Retail Supplier

Work with NIXLASH as a Retail Supplier. We would love to supply your store with high quality and affordable products to diversify your shelves and help your brand grow. For more details on how to apply, click below:

Marketing Specialist

Become a Marketing Specialist for NIXLASH. We are primarily looking for a candidate who has experience in marketing or has a passion to grow with us. For more details on how to apply, click below:

Did you want to offer any other services that are not listed above? Please email us at!