MARKETING Specialist


Why be a Marketing Specialist with NIXLASH?

We are looking for a Marketing Specialist who can help grow our brand.
As a brand that has just stepped into the industry, we are looking for someone who is committed to growing the reach of the brand.
The ideal candidate should have strong communication skills, a passion for the beauty and lashing industry (does not have to be an eyelash-technician), and be comfortable with social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

If you are interested in joining NIXLASH as a Marketing Specialist, please email and include the following:

1. Email header: NIXLASH Marketing Specialist Application

2. Your full name

3. A brief description of your interest and experience in the lash industry

4. Your occupation

5. Your availability, and preference for working from home or at our location

6. A resume is preferable but not required

We look forward to your application!